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v0.10.2 - 2017/03/03

    $(ENHANCE Added $(API_CORE trace) functions as debugging aid. Outputs file/line info and optionally a variable name/value. ) $(ENHANCE Added $(API_FILE_EXTR isUserExec), $(API_FILE_EXTR isGroupExec) and $(API_FILE_EXTR isWorldExec) to check a file's executable bits on Posix. ) $(FIXED $(ISSUE 34): Unable to build docs of own project with DUB. ) $(FIXED Make sure the example tests, when run in travis-ci, always use the current scriptlike commit, instead of using a scriptlike release from the published dub repos. ) $(FIXED Docs weren't being correctly built for $(API_FILE_WRAP symlink), $(API_FILE_WRAP readLink), $(API_FILE_WRAP getTimesWin) and $(API_FILE_EXTR trySymlink). ) $(CHANGE Removed outdated, messy and problematic "plain script" example. )

v0.10.1 - 2017/02/25

    $(FIXED Fix some minor doc and travis-ci issues with v0.10.0's release. )

v0.10.0 - 2017/02/25

    $(CHANGE $(ISSUE 33): Rename `Path.toRawString` to `Path.raw`. ) $(CHANGE Deprecated `Ext.toRawString`. It didn't do anything different from `Ext.toString` and thus wasn't needed. ) $(FIXED $(ISSUE 19): Compile error with DMDFE 2.065. Note, Scriptlike still $(I officially) requires at least DMDFE 2.066, mainly because of a bugfix for Windows, but DMDFE 2.065 appears to still be important for Debian's GDC. ) $(FIXED Excess blank lines and malformed `</p><p>` in this changelog. )

v0.9.7 - 2017/01/23

    $(ENHANCE Docs/Examples: Now recommend DUB v1.0.0+'s single-file package support, and test the provided example. ) $(FIXED $(ISSUE 31): Deprecation warnings on DMD 2.072 and up. )

v0.9.6 - 2016/05/28

(Note: This was going to be v0.9.5, but the release got borked, so it's released as v0.9.6 instead.)

    $(FIXED $(ISSUE 26): Deprecation warnings on DMD 2.070 and 2.071. ) $(FIXED $(ISSUE 27): Flush stdout when requesting input. [$(LINK2, Jesse Phillips)] ) $(FIXED $(LINK2, Plain script) example fails on DUB 0.9.25 (due to a change in dub's package cache directory structure). ) $(FIXED Testing any pull request on $(LINK2, Travis-CI) fails. ) $(FIXED Unittests fail to build on DMD 2.071. )

v0.9.4 - 2015/09/22

    $(FIXED Previous release broke the `unittest` script when `dub test` support was added. ) $(FIXED In echo mode, several functions would echo the wrong "try*" or non-"try*" version. Ex: $(API_PROCESS run) echoed $(API_PROCESS tryRun), and $(API_FILE_EXTR tryRename) echoed $(API_FILE_WRAP rename). ) $(FIXED $(API_PATH_EXTR Path) and $(API_PATH_EXTR buildNormalizedPathFixed) now convert back/forward slashes to native on BOTH Windows and Posix, not just on Windows. ) $(FIXED Some links within changelog and API reference were pointing to the reference docs for Scriptlike's latest version, instead of staying within the same documentation version. This made $(LINK2, archived docs for previous versions) difficult to navigate. ) $(ENHANCE $(ISSUE 17),$(ISSUE 20): Added usage examples to readme. ) $(ENHANCE Add $(API_CORE interp) for interpolated strings:$(BR) `string s = mixin( interp!"Value is ${variableOrExpression}" )` ) $(ENHANCE Add $(API_FILE_EXTR removePath)/$(API_FILE_EXTR tryRemovePath) for deleting a path regardless of whether it's a file or directory. (Calls $(API_FILE_WRAP remove) for files and $(API_FILE_WRAP rmdirRecurse) for directories.) ) $(ENHANCE Add a Path-accepting overload of $(API_PATH_EXTR escapeShellArg) for the sake of generic code. ) $(ENHANCE When $(API_PROCESS runCollect) throws, the $(API_PROCESS ErrorLevelException) now includes and displays the command's output (otherwise there'd be no way to inspect the command's output for diagnostic purposes). ) $(ENHANCE Greatly extended and improved set of tests. )

v0.9.3 - 2015/08/19

    $(FIXED $(ISSUE 16): Access to standard Phobos function hampered. ) $(ENHANCE Support running unittests through DUB: `dub test` ) $(ENHANCE Uses $(LINK2, for continuous integration testing. )

v0.9.2 - 2015/07/10

    $(FIXED Properly flush all command echoing output (ie, in $(API_CORE yap) and $(API_CORE yapFunc)). ) $(ENHANCE Add a "no-build" configuration for projects that need to import/depend on Scriptlike through DUB, but use their own buildsystem. )

v0.9.1 - 2015/06/28

    $(FIXED Fails to compile unless the `makedocs` script has been run.)

v0.9.0 - 2015/06/27

    $(CHANGE Split $(MODULE_FILE) and $(MODULE_PATH) into the following:$(BR) $(UL $(LI $(MODULE_CORE) ) $(LI $(MODULE_FILE_EXTR) ) $(LI $(MODULE_FILE_WRAP) ) $(LI $(MODULE_PATH_EXTR) ) $(LI $(MODULE_PATH_WRAP) ) ) Utilizes `package.d` to retain ability to import $(MODULE_FILE) and $(MODULE_PATH). ) $(CHANGE Convert changelog from markdown to $(DDOX) so links are more readable. ) $(ENHANCE Add (opt-in) command echoing to most functions in $(MODULE_FILE). ) $(ENHANCE Add $(API_CORE yap) and $(API_CORE yapFunc) as improved versions of to-be-deprecated $(API_CORE echoCommand). ) $(FIXED Make $(API_PATH_EXTR escapeShellArg) const-correct. ) $(FIXED Make $(API_PATH_EXTR Path.toRawString) and $(API_PATH_EXTR Ext.toRawString) both be `pure @safe nothrow`. )

v0.8.1 - 2015/06/22

    $(ENHANCE New overload for $(API_INTERACT userInput) to allow type inference:$(BR) `void userInput(T=string)(string question, ref T result);` (suggestion from $(LINK2, Per Nordlöw)). )

v0.8.0 - 2015/06/13

    $(CHANGE Minimum officially supported $(DMD) increased from v2.064.2 to v2.066.0. Versions below v2.066.0 may still work, but there will now be certain problems when dealing with paths that contain spaces, particularly on Windows. ) $(CHANGE Removed unnecessary non-$(API_PATH_EXTR Path) wrappers around $(MODULE_STD_FILE)/$(MODULE_STD_PATH). Things not wrapped (like $(STD_PATH dirSeparator) and $(STD_FILE SpanMode)) are now selective public imports instead of aliases. These changes should reduce issues with symbol conflicts. ) $(CHANGE $(LINK2, API reference) now built using $(DDOX) and uses much improved styling (actually uses a stylesheet now). ) $(CHANGE Eliminate remnants of the "planned but never enabled" wstring/dstring versions of $(API_PATH_EXTR Path)/$(API_PATH_EXTR Ext)/$(API_PROCESS Args). There turned out not to be much need for them, and even $(MODULE_STD_FILE) doesn't support wstring/dstring either. ) $(CHANGE Put output binaries in "bin" subdirectory, instead of Scriptlike's root. ) $(ENHANCE Add module scriptlike.only to import all of scriptlike, but omit the helper Phobos imports in scriptlike.std. ) $(ENHANCE $(API_FAIL fail) now accepts an arbitrary list of args of any type, just like $(STD_STDIO writeln), ) $(ENHANCE Added $(API_FAIL failEnforce), like Phobos's $(STD_EXCEPTION enforce), but for $(API_FAIL fail). ) $(ENHANCE Added $(API_PROCESS runCollect) and $(API_PROCESS tryRunCollect), to capture a command's output instead of displaying it. ) $(ENHANCE Added $(API_INTERACT pause) to pause and prompt the user to press Enter. ) $(ENHANCE $(API_CORE echoCommand) is no longer private. ) $(ENHANCE Added $(API_PATH_EXTR Path)-based wrappers for $(MODULE_STD_FILE)'s $(STD_FILE getcwd), $(STD_FILE thisExePath) and $(STD_FILE tempDir). ) $(FIXED No longer uses Phobos's deprecated $(STD_PROCESS system) function.)

v0.7.0 - 2015/04/02

    $(ENHANCE $(ISSUE 14): Added scriptlike.interact module for easy user-input prompts. [$(LINK2, Jesse Phillips)] ) $(FIXED Unittest compile failure on $(DMD) v2.067.0. )

v0.6.0 - 2014/02/16

    $(CHANGE $(API_PATH_EXTR Path) and $(API_PATH_EXTR Ext) are now aliases for the UTF-8 instantiations, and the template structs are now named `PathT` and `ExtT`. ) $(CHANGE Removed `path()` and `ext()` helper functions to free up useful names from the namespace, since they are no longer needed. Use `Path()` and `Ext()` instead. ) $(CHANGE Internally split into separate modules, but uses `package.d` to preserve `import scriptlike;`. ) $(CHANGE Rename `escapeShellPath` -> $(API_PATH_EXTR escapeShellArg). ) $(CHANGE Rename $(API_PROCESS runShell) -> $(API_PROCESS tryRun). Temporarily keep $(API_PROCESS runShell) as an alias. ) $(CHANGE Rename $(API_CORE scriptlikeTraceCommands) -> $(API_CORE scriptlikeEcho). Temporarily keep $(API_CORE scriptlikeTraceCommands) as an alias. ) $(ENHANCE Added scripts to run unittests and build API docs. ) $(ENHANCE Added $(API_PATH_EXTR Path.opCast) and $(API_PATH_EXTR Ext.opCast) for converting to bool. ) $(ENHANCE $(API_FAIL fail) no longer requires any boilerplate in `main()`. ($(LINK2$(DOLLAR)22tv$(DOLLAR), Newsgroup link)) ) $(ENHANCE Added $(API_PROCESS run) to run a shell command like $(API_PROCESS tryRun), but automatically throw if the process returns a non-zero error level. ) $(ENHANCE $(ISSUE 2): Optional callback sink for command echoing: $(API_CORE scriptlikeCustomEcho). ) $(ENHANCE $(ISSUE 8): Dry run support via bool $(API_CORE scriptlikeDryRun). ) $(ENHANCE $(ISSUE 13): Added `ArgsT` (and $(API_PROCESS Args) helper alias) to safely build command strings from parts. ) $(ENHANCE Added this changelog. ) $(FIXED $(API_PATH_EXTR Path)(null) and $(API_PATH_EXTR Ext)(null) were automatically changed to empty string. ) $(FIXED $(ISSUE 10): Docs should include all OS-specific functions. )

v0.5.0 - 2014/02/11

  • Initial release.



Nick Sabalausky, Jesse Phillips